Neeraj Bharti

Inspiring Novelist

Born in 1980, Neeraj has been working as a senior principal consultant at a reputed software firm for the past 14 years.
Although writing always fascinated him, he never pursued it very seriously until he was diagnosed with acute insomnia. As a result, he decided to utilize this awful waiting time and engaged himself in writing in those lonely nights. Readers can visit his website to know more about him and to navigate through the free sample chapters of his book.
His Twitter handle is @iAuthorNeerajB and the readers can also check his Amazon Author Central page.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your interest in my maiden novel “The Curse To Ashwathama”. I have been working as a senior principal consultant at a reputed software firm for the past 14 years. Although writing always fascinated me, I never pursued it very seriously, being quite content with my daily job. But things changed about two years ago when I was diagnosed with acute insomnia. I remember the long and grueling nights when I would hear my family members snoring peacefully while I tossed and turned beside them. I recall the moments I would get up from my bed and tread to the couch in the living room. In those lonely nights, I used to sigh and sit on the couch and do nothing but peer into the darkness for hours until I watched an interview of an indie author. The moment sparked my quiescent passion, and I decided to utilize this awful waiting time. And I could not have found a better activity to engage myself in than writing. It was a hobby I had buried somewhere in the mists of time. I still remember the first night I grabbed a pen to jot down the number of vague ideas juggling in my mind.

I picked one idea that had always enthralled me—a scenario where life seemed more miserable than death, the moment when a sinner begs and prays for death but the Lord of Death denies the plea. Suddenly, my empty and uncertain nights seemed finite and too short as I began capturing my thoughts on paper. Soon, the words turned into sentences, sentences formed paragraphs, and the first draft came to life.

But being a first-time writer, I soon realized that editing a book is much harder than writing it, and it took Herculean efforts for me to refine the manuscript you hold in your hand today. After many rounds of self-revision to ensure that the storyline was consistent and meaningful, I distributed copies to my father, friends, and colleagues to get their honest feedback and reviews. After the initial rounds of self-editing, which included the use of online tools to correct grammar and punctuation, I submitted my manuscript to a professional editing and proofreading company called PaperTrue, and I was not disappointed. The final version was crisp, clear, and error-free.

Among all the characters in this mystery-thriller novel, Aurangzeb – the brute jailor, and Dara – the yeti, are my favorites. I thoroughly enjoyed jotting down their beastly sides. Although all the chapters are very close to my heart, #20 (The Exposé) is my all-time favorite, and I have loved it since I wrote the very first draft.

I believe my writing grew and matured by leaps and bounds by the time I finished the final draft. Not only did I improve my vocabulary but it also sharpened my imaginative skills. I dedicate this piece of writing to my parents, Mr. Narinder Kumar Bharti and Mrs. Usha Bharti. Witnessing their eyes fill with tears of joy when they read the dedication at the beginning of the book was a heart-melting moment.

I would love to hear your thoughts on suspense in the novel. I hope you enjoy it! Also, please let me know if some particular poignant moment brings tears in your eyes. You can also leave your comments/reviews with the Twitter hashtag #TheCurseToAshwathama. My Twitter handle is @iAuthorNeerajB. Please visit my website to go through the free sample chapters and the genuine reviews of the book. Readers can also visit my Amazon Author Central page.