And the saga in the novel “The Curse To Ashwathama” captures the same thought. It narrates an analogy of Lord Krishna’s curse that he spelled upon Ashwathama in the battle of Mahabharat. An arrogant Ashwathama had a boon to live an immortal life and never feared death. During the war, he slaughtered the progeny of the Pandavas in a cowardice act. He furtively crept in their tent and ran a dagger through each one of them while they were in their sound sleep. The disgusting and loathsome act infuriated the Lord. First, he forcefully detached the gem from Ashwathama’s forehead that was part of his body. And then, he cussed him in wrath.

“O Ashwathama!
The inflicted wound would always pain and would never heal. The blood and the puss would ooze out from the septic wound forever. You would get infected with deadly leprosy and incurable sores would cover your body. With no sympathy from anybody, everybody would frown in disgust at your sight in front of them. To escape the stink of your wound and body, everyone would detour and avoid crossing their paths with you.”

The storyline explains the plot beautifully and mysteriously. The narrations and the dialogues are good enough to glue the readers as they skim through the pages.

Though the mystery thrillers always enslaved me, the triangular love stories captivated me as well. Hence, I couldn’t control myself and added a one in the story. And I am proud to say that it syncs and sets in beautifully with the storyline. Filled with jealousy and deceit, the sizzling love story adds a much-needed spice to the saga.

Since childhood, the stories that involved humans and giant monsters always attracted me. Especially, I loved to read stories about yetis, gorillas or ape-like creatures. I used to hallucinate and dive deep into a trance whenever I used to read the fairy tales that narrated their power and strength. And I am lucky enough to have got a chance to list an encounter with one such yeti in this fiction novel. I am pretty sure that the readers would love to skim through the pages that mention the yeti, Dara.

I often heard that adding a few sporting events in the fiction novel could take it to a new different level. And now, I can say with confidence that the statement was true indeed. I have included a couple of my favorite sporting events – two games of chess, and the air-rifle shooting championship. And I am pretty much sure that the addition of these events won’t disappoint anyone. Not only are they depicted in an utmost interesting manner, but the events do play a vital role in the story.

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